Executive Assistant to Director

Do you want to build a career that is exciting and provides opportunity for immense growth? Do you want to work for a company that has a century old business heritage and yet is at the threshold of something new and innovative? Do you want your work to be taken seriously and be meaningful? If your answers to these questions is an enthusiastic yes, then continue reading.


We are a 120-year old business conglomerate dealing in verticals such as manufacturing, trading, education and investment. The Director of the company is looking for candidates who will be involved with managing the day-to-day affairs of the Director. Please note this is not a personal secretary role, but an Executive Assistant so the responsibilities of the candidate will be towards supporting the professional goals of the Director. Therefore, we are looking for candidates with business knowledge who can assist in managing the Director’s work load.

The selected candidate will be:

  • The sole Executive Assistant to the Director
  • Working and reporting directly to the Director of the business
  • Will be working in a larger family business office environment



This is a preliminary scope of work. As the position evolves, the scope of work for the selected candidate will also evolve. A successful candidate will assist the Director with:

  • Creating Business Insight and Analysis templates on Excel as well as communicating relevant findings
  • Organizing and attending relevant meetings with the Director
  • Supporting Director with technical and technological issues related to fulfilling the Director’s professional workstream
  • Managing the Emails of the Director and Organizing the Director’s online/ physical filing system
  • Conducting field work to procure and acquire needed materials or related to market or government interactions
  • Brainstorming ideas and opportunities to grow Directors line of business and supporting in implementation and execution of these ideas


Why this job might appeal to you?

  • You will get to work and learn directly from the Director of the company who has more than 45 years of experience of doing business in Nepal
  • The Director has previously owned and operated PepsiCola in Nepal, Nepal’s first marble manufacturing, consumer goods manufacturing along with sitting on the Board of major Bank and Insurance companies in Nepal. You will get access to extensive knowledge and insights of doing business along with a rich network of connections in public and private sector
  • This will be a “Generalist” role. Each day will be new. It is not a job where you have to repeat the same process day-in and day-out


Why this job might NOT appeal to you?

  • We are a family business and the atmosphere of the office is less like a professionally run MNC, and more like a family business atmosphere
  • We have only a handful of young employees and others are older employees who have been with the business for 10+ years
  • There is little formal structure and prior training. The training will be on-the-job
  • There will be some guidance, but the job requires the person to take a lot of initiatives by themselves


Personal Attributes

This is a job where each day will bring its own set of challenges and tasks. In such a context, a successful candidate should have:

  • Proven ability to work independently. There will be days where you have little to no guidance on daily tasks and it is expected you can be self-directed to recognize and work on what is important
  • 3Cs: Calm, Coachable and Curious. Calm under uncertainty, coachable to receive feedback and curious to learn and grow
  • Energy and enthusiasm to contribute towards different dimensions of business
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills to deliver high quality deliverables on time


Selection Criteria

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business Management from a reputed college.
  • Ability to expertly use MS Office (particularly Excel), drafting Emails and Reports
  • Must have either Regular/Internship Experience
  • Strong written and oral communication skills in both English and Nepali
  • Should have sound knowledge of basic Management such as Finance and Marketing
  • At least 2 years of full-time commitment
  • Preferably own a two-wheeler, if not at least have a license to drive a two-wheeler



We believe in hiring the best fit for the position and as such have a more rigorous selection process than a typical company. We ask that you only apply if you’re enthusiastic about the position and are able to commit your time to this process. In an effort to respect each other’s time and effort and to have transparency in the selection process we are sharing our selection process with you and hope you can keep this in mind as you interact with us. If you’re selected, what we can promise you is a wonderful opportunity for your professional growth and development as well as a meaningful work experience that you’re unlikely to get elsewhere.

First Stage:

If this is a job that you are enthusiastic about and meet the above criteria, please submit

  1. Resume/CV
  2. Cover letter describing your interest in this position and your prior experience that makes you a qualified candidate. We are looking for why this specific job appeals to you and why you’re qualified for it

Please send both these files as a single PDF file on our email: employment@mcnepal.com for us to consider your application. Only selected candidate shall be contacted for the next round

Second Stage:

This will involve a 30-minute call interview for us to learn more about you and your interest in the position as well as the fit with the organization. Please also use this opportunity to ask us questions.

Third Stage:

After our call, if we and the candidate would like to move ahead with the selection process, the candidate will receive an assignment. The structure of the assignment and duration to complete it will be shared only during this round.

Fourth Stage:

This will be the final stage involving an hour-long interview (either in person or video call) and will involve a more in-depth discussion about the job responsibilities and required skillset. After the call, the candidate would have to send a 150-word reflection on the interview (what they liked, did not like) as well as any questions they may have that they forgot to ask. After the submission of this reflection, you will hear back from us about the final selection.

For any questions, feel free to email: employment@mcnepal.com