Our rich history is a reminder to us of the places we have been, the lessons we have learned and of the immense responsibility we have towards upholding this legacy. Conducting business with integrity and seeing business as a tool for economic progress of the communities we work in and the nation at large, is not just part of our history, but firmly a part of our DNA.

Established in 1904, MC Group has a long and deep history of doing business in Nepal. Starting off at the beginning of the 20th century as a trading house dealing in textiles and spices in Nepal, over the past six decades MC Group has evolved into a conglomerate encompassing various manufacturing, trading and business interests across international markets. The expansion of MC Group’s activities was started by Late Chairman Shri Madan Lal Agrawal and his brothers Late Shri Gopi Krishna Agrawal and our Chairman Shri Chiranjilal Agrawal. Shri Madan Lal Agrawal was one of Nepal’s most prominent and reputed industrialist. For his service to the country he was conferred Nepal’s highest civilian award-“Suprasidha Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu” (Class First) and shortly after his death the Nepalese Government issued a postage stamp in his honor, making him the first industrialist in Nepal to receive this unprecedented distinction. The abbreviation of the company (MC) is derived from the names of our Late Chairman Shri Madan Lal and our current chairman Shri Chiranji Lal.


MC Group has been a pioneering business house in the country, boasting of many firsts in Nepal, including the first civil aviation company, first beer bottling plant, first marble mining and processing unit, first yarn spinning and knitwear manufacturers and the first bottlers of Pepsi in Nepal.



Start of the MC Group story. Firm founded under the name of Dedraj-Motilall



Trading of spices between India and Nepal



Shift towards textile trading


Delving into construction. Significant projects include construction of Koshi Dam and of Gurkha Camp (BP Institute of Health today) in Dharan


First civil aviation company in domestic and international routes even before the inception of Royal Nepal Airlines (Indo-Nepal Airways)


Production of stainless steel (Arunodaya Udyog)


First beer bottling plant (Nepal Brewery Company, Star Beer)


Establishment of Jute Press unit (Mechi Jute Press Udyog)


First marble mining and processing unit (Godawari Marble Industries)


First yarn spinning & knitwear manufacturing industry (Rajkamal, Todilon and Interknit Industries)


First Bottlers of PepsiCo, Inc. (Pepsi Cola)


Start of Super Lamicoats (flexible packaging) and Hanuman Metals (non-ferrous metals) production facilities


Venturing into finance with promoter investments in Siddhartha Bank and other bank, insurance and energy companies