MC Group has made significant investment in the banking and insurance sector. One of its strategic investments has been in Siddhartha Bank Limited. Since the Bank’s inception in 2002, MC Group has been one of the largest promoter shareholders. The Bank is listed in the Nepal Stock Exchange as a ‘Class A’ Bank and by 2021, it had expanded to have total paid up capital and reserves of Rs 25 Billion and close to 200-branches across Nepal.

The Group also holds major interest in Siddhartha Capital Limited, which became the first company to conceptualize and issue mutual fund schemes when it launched Siddhartha Mutual Fund in 2012. In the coming years Siddhartha Capital Limited is gearing itself to undertake investment banking activities and operate as a viable investment bank in Nepal.

In addition to the banking sector, MC Group has also played a prominent role in the development of life and non-life insurance market in Nepal through investments as promoters in major insurance companies such as Siddhartha Insurance Limited, Reliance Life Company Limited and Sagarmatha Insurance Company Limited.